Project Description


Afghanistan Cycling Team

The Afghan National Women’s Cycling Team is based in Kabul and has among it the first women to ever pedal a bike in Afghanistan. In a country where riding a bike has been one of the last deep-seated taboos, these women are breaking gender barriers with every pedal stroke. 

Liv Bicycles and Giant Bicycles have supported the team with brand new racing bikes and mountain bikes, clothing and equipment to ensure they have the foundation to build a team upon and the equipment to race on in international competitions like the Asia Cycling Championships in Astana, Kazakhstan and the Asian Games in South Korea. 

Shannon, through her program Strength in Numbers, has been supporting the Afghan National Women’s Cycling team since the spring of 2013. She has brought over 500 pounds of clothing and equipment, donated bikes, and over 50 brand new bikes from Liv and Giant for the mens and women’s teams. She is working to establish new teams in other regions of Afghanistan to support the cycling movement. 

The sport of cycling can normalize riding bikes for women and girls in Afghanistan, breaking gender barriers and utilizing the bike as a vehicle for social justice.