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Streets of Afghanistan

Streets of Afghanistan

Streets of Afghanistan

Against the odds, Mountain2Mountain completed 5 public exhibitions and 2 photo stagings at historic sites and public spaces in Afghanistan.

In 2012, Shannon created a life size street art exhibition to give voice to the country of Afghanistan. The exhibition was a collection of images by Western and Afghan photographers to highlight the beauty and the heartbreak in one of the world’s most misunderstood countries. It was set up in the streets and public places of Afghanistan as a series of one day pop-up installations. Five years in the making, this exhibition illustrates the belief that photography has the power to inspire and challenge perceptions, and the potential use of art as activism.

“The exhibition shows that art has a place in conflict zones. That Afghans deserve the same access to art and beauty we all crave. That shows like this can be done safely and publicly in Afghanistan for Afghans, not closed off behind compound walls, accessible only to the Embassy and international community. Public art serves the purpose of bringing art out of private places and into public spaces among people that are perhaps least likely to engage with art, by inspiring, sparking conversation, and building community. ” – Shannon Galpin, creator and curator

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streetsThe Streets of Afghanistan book chronicles one of the most captivating efforts to connect communities and cultures through our common humanity and the power of art. Follow in the footsteps of Shannon Galpin and Mountain2Mountain and explore the hidden beauties of this faraway land. Complete with flowing narrative descriptions, Streets of Afghanistan is a breathtaking publication that you will find insightful, inspiring, and engaging.

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To learn more about the project, and see behind the scenes of the exhibition in Afghanistan you can order the photography book Streets of Afghanistan from Hatherleigh Press at

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Praise From Khalid Hosseini, author of the KiteRunner

“The beautiful photographs in this book vividly capture the daily lives of ordinary Afghans and serve as a powerful reminder of the power of art to inspire, to bring people together, and to allow for moments of transcendent grace amid struggle and suffering.” – Khalid Hosseini, author of the KiteRunner

Watch the TEDxTrastevere Talk