Project Description

Cross the Line is a transmedia art activism project, based around a live art installation using performatively displayed photographs. This group exhibition delves into the state of women’s rights and equality worldwide and explores oppression through control of choice, particularly with regard to the female body. The photography’s range of cultures presents the issue through a global lens; from forced encasement inside burqas in Afghanistan to the rollback of women’s reproductive rights in America; from sex trafficking and contemporary slavery to the growing international awareness of media representation and rape culture. While the content addresses the ongoing inequality faced by women and girls, the overarching message is that oppression and marginalisation can be defeated. Transmedia elements of the installation — including a smartphone app, live interactive / participatory opportunities, an e-book, digital minidocs and a full-length documentary — empower audiences to “step across the line” and take action to promote equality.

In the spirit of the acclaimed pop-up style street art installations (such as Streets of Afghanistan) previously curated by Shannon Galpin, the photographs in this exhibition will be held by walls of live, naked women of all races, shapes, sizes and ages. These ‘walls’ are moveable and allow us to customise the display to the surroundings. The women stand in silent protest, displaying the images, until viewers approach. Then
they speak, telling the story of the people in the image they are holding. The exhibition will tour internationally, hosted by galleries, performance spaces and arts festivals. Cross the Line offers an audience experience at the intersection of representational documentary photography and fine art photography; between passive viewing and interactive conceptual art. Thought provoking, nomadic, remarkable and controversial, the installation is sure to inspire discussion and debate wherever it appears.

Each installation has a red line integrated into the experience as a literal line to cross – individuals can choose to cross the line as a sign of their commitment to take action. On the other side, they join forces with community and international organizations working at the frontline of women’s rights and gender violence. To catalyse change on a global scale, minds must first be opened, then the established demarcations of what is “acceptable” can be crossed.

Cross the Line will debut on Women’s International Day 2015

Stay tuned for exhibition tour dates and locations.

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